Why Won’t You Leave Me?

Why won’t You leave me, Lord?
Why won’t You let me go?
I’ve proven time and time again
That I care little for You,
Yet You remain with me wherever I go.

Why won’t You leave me, Lord?
No one would blame You.
They’d say that he’ll always have
One foot in and one foot out;
He’s never going to become serious
And place that other foot
In the boat of Your lotus feet.
Why do You waste Your time on him?

Why won’t You leave me, Lord?
It must mean that there is hope for me yet;
That there is real love hidden
In this heart of mine,
And one day it will shine.

I don’t deserve a friend like You,
But Lord I certainly need one!
And so I beg You, dearest Kṛṣṇa,
Please don’t ever let me go.



The Sleeper Must Awaken

Old dogs teach new dogs old tricks,
fanatically protective
of their box of cats.

Society, in the absence of
thoughtful questioning,
goes down the plughole,
just as trees decline
in the absence of light.

The focus on negativity
and irrelevant classifications
has distorted our field of vision.

Resisting the pressure,
look beyond the box
and judge for yourself.

Infused into the DNA
of disillusioned citizens
is the antidote
that will become the fabric
of a new society.

Heightened consciousness
connects us to the crowd,
planting the seed.

Emerging like a tree,
the age of principles
will see the light of day.

This “found poem” is constructed solely from words and phrases used in the following talk:
Martyn Lewis CBE & Seán Dagan Wood (2015) ‘Can we change the news for good?’
25 March, 2015. London: Action for Happiness.

The Sleeper Must Awaken


Mother Gītā

To all those struggling in the battle of life,
Mother Gītā issues a call to arms.
She says, “Fight for morality and truth,
Don’t succumb to life’s material charms.”

When the way forward is hidden from sight,
Look to her ancient pages,
For therein lies wisdom still relevant,
Though unchanged throughout the ages.

When life’s challenges seem too daunting,
And away hope has almost flown,
She assures us, “Yes, life is a battle,
But you need not fight it alone.”

Mother Gītā is our constant companion,
Through the pain and strife,
And with her by our side,
Victory is assured in this battle called life.



Let the Name Flow

This material world will drive you insane,
So let the holy name flow through your veins.
As darkness is driven away by a flame,
It will drive away your worries and your pain.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain,
So never give up the chanting of the holy name.

(Originally written as part of the Reflection entitled Let the Holy Name Flow Through Your Veins)



The Butter Thief

My dear Lord, by stealing butter from the homes of the cowherd women,
You actually steal their hearts.
Besides, who could remain angry in the face of Your charming smile?
O butter thief, won’t You steal my heart too?

After acquiring that nectarean butter,
You often share it with the monkeys of Gokula.
How fortunate they are to be fed by the Supreme Lord!
O butter thief, won’t You steal my heart too?

The monkeys consider themselves to be masters of mischief,
But I suspect that they learnt their mischievous ways from You.
Indeed, Your thievery puts theirs to shame!
O butter thief, won’t You steal my heart too?

When You stole butter from Your own house,
Mother Yaśodā chased and caught You,
And the all-powerful Lord became helpless in the arms of His mother!
O butter thief, won’t You steal my heart too?