Diary entry dated 27th December 2019:

This morning during Guru-pūjā, a fly landed on Lord Rāma’s nose, and the Lord kindly allowed it to stay there for some time and take shelter of His transcendental body.

Such a thing could not happen unless the Supreme Lord desired it, so I began to wonder what devotional service that soul had performed in their previous life to be given the opportunity to touch His body. Perhaps due to some small offence or unfortunate turn of events, they were forced to accept the body of a fly for a short time, before taking on another human body in order to perfect their devotional service.

Whatever the story may be, I reflected that that soul was immeasurably fortunate to have ended up in that situation, especially when you consider how short the life of a fly is (the average lifespan of a housefly is two to four weeks). To be allowed to touch the transcendental body of the Lord is a mercy I can only dream of achieving!

“My dear Lord,” I found myself asking. “What must I do to receive the same mercy that You showered upon that fly?”

I also reflected that we shouldn’t consider any soul to be insignificant, even if they happen to be inhabiting the body of a tiny fly, for no living entity is insignificant to Kṛṣṇa. A parent is pleased when someone shows affection towards their children, and the Lord is no different. Though we may find it difficult at times, we should treat all living entities with respect and compassion — this will touch Kṛṣṇa’s heart and attract His mercy.


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